Battery & Charger/Power Unit


Battery & Charger/Power Unit


Approx. $39.6 USD/€33.6 EUR (Exc. 20% Tax for UK and EU Customers)

When bought with an opener/closer, your battery shipping is completely free! No added expense. 

All of our units come with solar panels already included, but you will need a battery for the solar panel to charge. You can use your own batteries/chargers, but our recommended battery/charger pairing have the following advantages:

✓ Excellent battery performance (output of around 13.4/13.5V), making sure the Hentronix unit performs at its very best

✓ Battery fits perfectly within the Dri-Box provided

✓ Batteries come fully-charged and ready to use

✓ Facility to connect to mains electricity permanently

The charger will help ensure that if the power supplied by the solar panel is not quite enough during those cold and dark winter months, your battery can be charged manually, helping to provide 24/7 protection, 365 days of the year!

All of our chargers are 'intelligent' chargers, which begin charging at full power, then instantly drop to a lower 'standby' power once your battery is fully charged. They also have indicator lights to let you know once your battery is charged (the LED turns from red to green).

The 'Mains Powered' package is great for customers in really cold locations, as well as customers wanting to use an 'Additional Lighting Unit' during the winter months. The Mains Powered option also includes a battery, so that you can still benefit from that free energy from the solar panel in the summer! The solar panel is included with every purchase of an opener/closer. With the 'Mains Powered' pack, the battery remains 'in the circuit' and protects the unit from mains voltage surges, and keeps the unit working perfectly in the event of a mains power outage.

With every unit ordered, you will receive an appropriate charger - perfect voltage, and perfect plug - for your particular location!

If you have any questions about how to power your Hentronix opener/closer, or about how either of these battery/charger options could work for you please get in touch with us at!

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