Benefits of Hentronix Automatic Door Openers

  • All models are robust, weatherproof and reliable
  • Opening/closing solutions for most types of chicken house door
  • All units are self-locking and are unbeatable by predators
  • Set your own opening time in the morning with ease
  • Strong motors for superior door movement potential
  • Corrosion-proof materials of the highest quality 
  • Easy to install, with online videos to show how
  • Unique delay before opening/closing means unit is the opener/closer best able to cope with house lights, floodlights & flashlights
  • Opens just after sunrise, closes just after sundown completely automatically
  • Can be fitted to both plastic and wooden hen houses/coops
  • Ideal for remote locations and extremely harsh conditions away from mains power
  • Solar panel (always included) helps keep your battery constantly charged
  • Facility to control additional lighting in the winter (12 volt output to control "added daylight" to prolong egg production in winter months) using our Additional Lighting Unit!
  • 12 volt system (we can supply both a suitable battery and charger, or you can use your own!). Also possibility to power permanently using mains electricity. Click here for details of our battery units
  • Innovative microprocessor technology
  • Audible low battery alarm from up to 250 metres 
  • Designed and produced exclusively in the UK and comes guaranteed for 2 years as standard
  • Excellent customer service, committed to cater to your every automatic door needs